Due to popular demand, all Bug Farm Foods products (I know, literally all of them) are currently OUT OF STOCK – sorry.

Some of you may know that we also run a visitor attraction (The Bug Farm) and restaurant (Grub Kitchen). The Bug Farm Foods products flew off the shelves during our busiest Summer Holiday period and this was exacerbated  by the fact that the UK Government forget to move across the correct legislation for edible insects during the Brexit Transition Period, meaning that all production and sale of our insect-based food was on-hold from October 2021-July 2022 while they sorted it out. Re-starting a whole industry and our business at the same time that the Summer Holidays (the busiest time of the year at The Bug Farm and Grub Kitchen) begins isn’t a quick or easy process!

We will be getting back into full production by mid-September and The Bug Farm’s gift shop and online shop will be re-stocked immediately. You will then see Bug Farm Foods products start to appear once again in shops near you.

Follow us on social media or drop us an e-mail so we can let you know when you can get your Cricket Cookies once again. Thanks for bearing with us – it is much appreciated – Sarah & Andy.


A selection of our most popular products…